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History of Schmidthammer Elektrokohle GmbH


90 years of Schmidthammmer - that is the story of a company. the chronicle of four generations. It's the life and activity of fathers and sons. It's finally also a part of age and industrial history of development.

That happened then, and nowadays, from the beginning of crafts until todays modern enterprise of quality products, has been documented on the following pages. This presentation may give a convincing impression of the actual standard of the company Schmidthammer. It should also be a "thank you" to all, who helped to realize the development of todays standard based on close relationship and faithfulness.

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Business operations

We supply under the brand MEGA highly qualified electrical products into more than 80 countries globally wide.

We are not only a supplier of goods, but also a specialized company. We offer for local productions optimal solutions, and sell know-how.

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Despite the long company history many bigger and smaller changes are going on, and opened new impulses, which we try to make the best out of them.

A common business immage was created, requesting a sense of duty of the employees.

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