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Carbon contacts and carbon rolls

Description of carbon contacts and carbon rolls

Todays demand for carbon contacts has been largely restricted due to the development of electronic elements. Demand comes mainly for replacements.

The demand for carbon rolls however, is differently, they are now as before also used for the OEM market.

For both, carbon rolls and carbon contacts, grades like electrographite or also metal graphite.
For carbon rolls partially resin bonded grades have been approved as well.

Applications and customers of carbon contacts and carbon rolls

  • carbon contacts are operating in circuit breakers, switches, lifts. Carbon rolls in variable voltage transformers and rheostats.
  • Features of carbon rolls: Infinitely variable voltage control in variacs due to the low short circuit current between roll and winding

Characteristics and service

Schmidthammer Elektrokohle GmbH supplies carbon rolls with and without sinter metal bearings.

For applications requiring current transmissions at lowest voltage drop, we supply carbon rolls and carbon contacts also in silvered version.

Holders for carbon rolls are available in single, double and triple version.