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Carbon inserts and sliding contacts

Description of carbon inserts and sliding contacts

Many different geometries characterize this range, and ask for numerous carbon grades, partially with metal impregnations.

There are the so-called triangular profiles, the block-shaped types, with and without pig-tail, smaller, medium and big carbon inserts, earthing brushes, sliding contact, current collectors (pantographes). MEGA offers a diversified assortment of suitable and approved carbon grades, as to meet the manifold applications.

Applications and Customers of carbon inserts and sliding contacts

  • cranes, trolley bus, metro, mine cars, extraction equipment, earthing contacts for railways, ship-shafts, busbars, cable drums

Characteristics and service

With the recommended MEGA grades, partially impregnated with water repellent means, as to exclude damaging influx of humidity, unwanted, high mechanical and electrical wear of inserts and contacts can be minimized.

Besides the standard types of the catalogue we produce further designs. We gladly realize customers' requests, and invite you to contact us.