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Carbon profiles and carbon bearings

Description of carbon profiles and carbon bearings

Contrary to the range of Electrical carbon graphite, carbon profiles and bearings belong to the so called mechanical or technical carbon group, whose grades are also based on carbon graphite, mainly hard carbon graphite; Electrographite, and bakelite graphite.

Dependent on its grade these parts are either machined from carbon blocks or pressed to size in moulds.

Types: Sealing Rings, Segments, Bushings, Bearings, Seals-, Piston-, Gland- and Steam Joint Rings

Applications of carbon profiles and carbon bearings

  • Oil-free compressors to seal liquided gases; shaft-seals for Francis or Kaplan turbines
  • Paper - Textile - Petro - Chemical Industry; for  leading steam into rotating cylinders and rolls with convex or concave surfaces
  • pumps, ship building, domestic appliances, car industry, axial shaft sealing, steam turbines

Characteristics and Service

Various impregnation methods with resin or metal allow a quality adaption to the individual demands of the equipments.

MEGA produces according to customer's requirements: samples, detailed dimensional drawings with indication of tolerances are very important.