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Current connectors, earthing connectors and flexible copper connections


Flat rolled copper connections, earthing connectors and flexible copper connections operate between electrical contacts, and they balance mechanical movements. The flexibilty of the connections is influenced by the diameter of the single wires (0,05 to 0,20 mm) as well as by the cross section and the construction of the nettings.

Following connections are common: dip-soldered tinned ends, pressed tubes of copper, brass tubes and terminals, as well as specially designed ends of brass and coppersheet. Our standard is made of blank and tinned copper wire. Special versions are either nickel or silver plated. Round stranded copper connections are working in applications, where a conductive high flexibility for any direction is required. They are either blank or tinned, similar to DIN 46438,with single wires of 0,05 mm to 0,10 mm.

The ends can be pressed with copper tubes, or with terminals. For special applications also round shaped pressed connections are possible. All connections can be provided with insulations such as silicon, PVC, or shrinking sleeves.

Characteristics of our current connectors and earthing connectors

We produce flexible copper connections and earthing connectors also in special versions for the diversest applications. The connectors and their production technique will be adapted to its individual application. Our own tool shop enable us to react fast and flexible to customers requests.
In cooperation with them we look for and find solutions suitable to solve their connecting problems.

We produce manifold cross- sections and constructions. Our production is specialized for the manufacture of connections and earthing connectors.

Please contact us with your connecting problems, or send us samples, drawings, sketches.Give us technical details such as: load, cross -section, dimensional drawings and connecting methods. We gladly submit construction proposals. All flexibles can be supplied also per meter, also in smaller quantities. Schmidthammer - your partner for flexible copper connections, earthing connectors and current connectors.