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Despite the long company history many bigger and smaller changes are going on, and opened new impulses, which we try to make the best out of them.

A common business immage was created, requesting a sense of duty of the employees.

To enlarge and improve this system, we have to improve also the working conditions for our engaged and motivated employees.

Grinding principle and management culture in Schmidthammer Elektrokohle GmbH is an action of partnership and cooperation. We pay attention to an ethical management without neglecting the individual requirements of our employees.

The management - Peter Schmidthammer & Uwe Heller.

Peter SchmidthammerPeter Schmidthammer

Born 1966.

M.D. of Schmidthammer Elektrokohle GmbH since 1st July 2006.

Uwe HellerUwe Heller

Born 1956.

Studied electrotechnic on the Georg-Simon Ohm University in Nuremberg, worked 5 years for Siemens AG, Erlangen in the field medical technique, 1986 till 1988 System and application engineer for Advantest Europe GmbH, the market leader of computer supported testing systems.

October 1988 till June 2006 production manager in Schmidthammer Elektrokohle GmbH.

M.D. of Schmidthammer Elektrokohle GmbH since 1st July 2006.