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Industrial carbon brushes

Description of industrial carbon brushes

Industrial carbon brushes still have an extensive field of application on big and medium commutator machines with high electrical, thermique and mechanical duties. The range includes commutator equipment, slipring rotors, and other diversest current transmission systems.

The base is a wide product assortment of carbon grades of variable compositions. Thus different specific resistances, specific densities, hardness- and load conditions can be realized.

All these parameters obtained, allow  an adaption of carbon brush grade to the needs of the motor-manufacturers and designers. Diversified application and field of operation determine the dimensions and shapes of our industrial carbon brushes.

Applications and customers


  • DC and AC motors, generators, three-phase commutator motors, thyristor-controlled DC-motors, traction motors, variable speed-motors, exciting generators, rotor-feed shunt-wound motors, assyncronous motors, series-wound motors

  • Trolley-busses, mine cars, tramways, steel-cement-paper mills, Schrage systems in the textile and plastic industry

  • Steel slip rings in electrical power stations, on Turbogenerators, hydro-powerstations,
    wind mill power units

  • power converters of all kind, frequency, converters, battery-driven cars, extruders, earthing systems for railway and ships, fork lift trucks, lifts, cablecars, mine winding units, cranes and lifting systems, pumps

  • carbon grades for higher altitudes

  • carbon brushes specially impregnated for dryatmosphere, supercooled rooms, aircooled