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Carbon blocks

Description of carbon blocks

MEGA-Carbon graphite blocks are exportet to all continents. The carbon blocks are the base for a carbon cutting shop and the production of carbon profiles of any shape.
Besides the grade listed in the catalogue we supply further grades for special demands.

Our range of grades covers hard carbon, natural carbon, carbon graphite, resin-bonded graphite, electrographite, metal graphite and silver graphite.

The main shape of blocks is generally rectangular.  We supply numerous standard dimensions and variable thicknesses.

The parameters shown in our catalogue are to be based on international standards, and permit a direct comparison with our competitors.

Please see further information and physical parameters in our catalogue.

Appilcations of carbon blocks

Carbon blocks are the basic material for the production and machining of carbon graphite products and carbon brushes of any kind.


The wide range of carbon block grades offers optimal solution to the consumer.
Various impregnations may improve the physical characteristics, mainly the hardness parameters, the improvement of the radio-interference, and the extension of the lifetime.