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Micro carbon brushes

Description of micro carbon brushes

Due to the very small geometry and the big quantities Micro brushes are exclusively pressed to size (PTS) in moulds. All types can be pressed with and without pig-tail.

The carbon grades are mostly of metal graphite, silver graphite, resin bonded graphite.

Applications and Customers of micro carbon brushes

  • For low voltage micro-motors, also for mains operated motors up to 240 V, measuring transmissions (silver graphite) toys, computers, videocameras, videorecorders, DVD units, battery-operated equipment. switching contacts, automobile electric (wipers, window lifting, central locking), dental units, shaves and many other DC micro motors.

Characteristics and service

Popular microbrushes are always available ex stock. Customers are mainly OEM and constructors.
We cooperate closely with such company, and try to find suitable grades and geometries

A speciality of our company are the so-called bimetallic peenable grades. The contact layer is from copper graphite, the top from pure copper.This version is good for clamp-rivet-or solder fitting on so-called spring holders