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Midget carbon brushes

Description of midget carbon brushes

For standard mains voltages of 110 V to 240 V, and for low voltages up to 24 V suitable midget brush grades are required.

In the past universal motors were mostly fitted with hard carbon grades, because these were more resistant against the mica between the lamellas. Nowadays essentially improved high speed universal motors are manufactured, which ask for carbon grades with higher, electrical resistances and a much lower coefficient of friction.

That applies generally for all electrical power tools, electrical garden equipment, and electrical appliances, and also for electricl chain saws. The low voltage range is dominated mainly by the automotive industry, and by battery-accumulator cell driven universal horse power motors. In general metal graphite grades with low electrical resistances are require.

Application and customers of midget carbon brushes

  • electrical power tools, electrical garden tools, chain saws, domestic appliances, DC-motors,
    tachogenerators (mostly with silver- and electrographite) automotive, blower motors, generators, small universal motors for the computer world, cameras and toy industry.

Characteristics and service

MEGA offers an extensive assortment of many elder und newer midget brush types. We are supplier to designers for OEM, and also for the whole after sales market.

On customer's request all midget carbon brushes can be fitted with a so-called cut-off device, which lifts off the worn carbon brush from the commutator and cut the circuit. Thus damaging of the  commutator is avoided. Another security system is the alarm indicator, and this is also available for all midget brushes.

On the right hand you will find an extensive PDF catalogue, which assists you when chosing the suitable carbon brushes.