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High current carbon brushes

Description of high current carbon brushes

For high load transmission special carbon grades with a high metal content are required. We recommend our well approved highly metallic grades, which are made in a special hot pressing process, unique in Europe!With these grades admissible loads up to 40 Amps/cm² are possible.

We manufacture high-current carbon products with and without holders, as well as complete high load contact systems, including suitable holders and armatures

Our range of products contains  standard and special products subject to customer's request.

Applications of high current carbon brushes

Hochstromkohlen - Schweißroboter in der Automobilindustrie

  • Electroplating equipment
  • Coppering and surface treatment
  • Surface refinement of metal sheets in rolling mills
  • Electrophoretic treatment in the automobile industry and thin-sheet technique
  • All high load transmissions - annealing systems in the cable industry
  • Welding equipment

Features and characteristics

MEGA is the only European located manufacturer of carbon grades, made in a hot pressed process

Consequently our grades are suitable for extremely high current densities.