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The 2. quarter-century 1955 – 1979

The until then existing company structure of a single enterprise „Kohlebürstenfabrik Adolf Schmidthammer Schwabach“ was transformed into a Limited Partnership (KG), and became effective in January 1st ,1955.

As general liable partners Messrs Adolf and Ralph Schmidthammer as well as Mrs. Mina Schmidthammer were appointed.

The growing demand for carbon products, in particular for the car and electrical industry, asked for a permanent increase of the production line. Further extensions in the existing premises were no longer possible, and in 1958/1959 the land in the industrial zone was extended by further 12000m², together with already existing buildings, the kiln house and the 40m high chimney.

In 1959 was the start of construction of the new factory in Walpersdorfer Street 33 – 39.

The new carbon production with 1200m² was distributed into 8 ground levelled halls, with an upgraded production process and aircon-system.

The other halls have been occupied by modern tool shops, a locksmith work shop, the electrical and testing department, and store rooms.

The kiln house was stepwise equipped with 5 single cassette crucible furnaces and an electric furnace, which guaranteed a much faster frequency of the raw carbon graphite than with the ring furnace system. In the separated 4 story main building the cutting, the drilling with electroplating, the assembly  for industrial and automobile brushes got established. Administration and packing department on the ground floor made it possible to take shorter deliveries of goods into account-a demand of time. In particular the export into more than 70 countries required more and more production capacity. The number of employees went up to 150.

On January 1st, 1963, Klaus Schmidthammer joined the company as limited partner. On 1st January 1973 Mr. Adolf Schmidthammer resigned as general partner, he joined simultaneaously as limited partner, his son Dipl. Ing. Klaus Schmidthammer as general partner the Company.

In 1968 a carbon cutting company in Vienna / Austria, the Heinrich Brandl & Son was acquired and modernized. In 1975 a share in M.KRUG S/A Cachoeirinha/Brazil followed as to participate on the growing South American Continent.

In the 70ties we took over the marketing of Keystone Products USA for Europe. Their thermistors, sinter metal parts and specific carbon brushes found the interest of reputable customers.

In 1979, the year of the 50ties anniversary, a separation of the company structure followed. Besides of the limited liability KG, a production and sales company, Schmidthammer Elektrokohle GmbH was established, directed by the MDs Ralph Schmidthammer and Dipl. Ing. Klaus Schmidthammer.